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An Evenıng Dress Model Wıth V-Neck, Belt, Pocket Detaıl, And Flared Skırt

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A Simple Evening Dress Model with V Neck, Mikado Fabric, Tulle Decollete Detail, Belt, and Pocket Detail





    Our evening dress, which you can easily use at your graduation ceremony, your close friend's wedding ceremony, or elegant invitations, is very stylish and comfortable with its neckline and skirt cut. V-neckline and tulle details on the bodice make you look more elegant than normal. Belt detail makes your waistline thinner. Our evening dress with an A-line skirt, combined with the fullness and flared appearance of the mikado fabric, reveals a very stylish look. The grain on the skirt offers distinct ease of use and elegance, so your movements will be both easier and very beautiful.  While the pocket details of our evening dress give you a sporty look, you can be sure that it will provide you a completely different kind of comfort. Those who do not like too much lace and sparkle, want to look completely plain and elegant, can use this dress for all kinds of invitations, and both in saloon and countryside weddings, and will always want to have it in their wardrobes.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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Designed with mikado fabric, our evening dress is ideal for those who want to be simple and stylish. Our evening dress, which is fully featured with the elegance and classiness of mikado fabric, is very suitable for those who want to look stylish and be comfortable thanks to the belt and pocket detail. You can make choices compatible with your skin color owing to the color options.

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