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Transparent Helen Weddıng Gown Model Wıth Chıffon Skırt

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Helen Wedding Gown with Intense Laces on Bodice and Sleeves, and Transparent Chiffon Skirt



    If you have an hourglass body, considered as the ideal body type, you will carry our wedding gown, which will be the right choice for wedding organizations, beach parties, and countryside or poolside weddings. The transparent sleeves and bodice, which can be covered when desired, are very functional. This model, which can be worn without a veil, goes well with a bun with side braids, or a long, braided model, and a hairpin style crown with motifs. The dress will make you look slimmer and taller than normal thanks to its cut and fit form. You can bring your eyes into the forefront by wearing bronze and metallic tones.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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You will have a very comfortable and simple look thanks to the feature of the multi-chiffon fabric that creates a breezy feel on the skirt, designed by continuing intense lace motifs on the transparent bodice and sleeves on the round neck and shoulders.

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