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A-Sectıon Brıdal Model Wıth Frınged Shoulder And Belt Detaıl

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Our A-Line Wedding Gown with Back Decollete, Special Laces and Pendulums, and Belt Detail



    With its magnificent and modern appearance, our VASARI model, which will be an ideal choice for your saloon weddings, is designed to be in the first place among the preferences of our brides who want to make a difference and look assertive. This A-line model with spaghetti straps is a life-saver for our brides who are uncomfortable with their wide shoulders and provides a stylish look. The belt detail on the waist will create a magical effect and will bring your slimness to the forefront and make you look even slimmer than you are. You will be fascinated with yourself by complementing your combination with make-up highlighting your eyes, and a hand bouquet in the tones of the concept, and a middle-length veil and adjustable pearl crown on a half-bun hair model.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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This model is a perfect design for our brides who want to be different since it is created with two different kinds of laces on the bodice and skirt, with a tulle belt providing a smooth transition, and tassels hanging from the shoulders. Elegant lace motifs covering the sides of the back on the deep back decollete are also used as straps and the edge of the chest decollete. The bodice, which is full of intense hand-embroideries, is integrated with the tail to make the gown look elegant and classy.

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