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V-Neck Thıck Hangıng Patterned Decolted A-Cut Skırted Evenıng Dress Model

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V Neck Thick Modern Strap Patterned A-Line Skirt Low-Cut Evening Dress



    We are sure that those who want to be extraordinary, who want to look different and stylish, will appreciate the Adele evening dress model, which will be indispensable for all occasions, especially in spring and summer nights.It is suitable for lovers of deep chest and back décolleté. While the special texture and color combinations of the fabric create a magnificent harmony, we are sure that you will have a different mood with rainbow color transitions on summer nights.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

With the arrival of thick straps, the V-neck look draws attention to the deep back neckline in the evening dress model. The Adele evening dress model is designed for those who like to look different with special color combinations that look extraordinary.

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