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Kurvaze Sıze Back Decorated Rope Hangıng A-Cut Skırt Pocket And Fıon Detaıled Evenıng Dress Model

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Rope Strap Decolleted Back Size A-Cut Skirt Pocket And Bow Detailed Evening Dress Model



    Avrıl evening dress model will be preferred by those who like low-cut and simplicity. You can easily use different color alternatives in all invitations, graduation invitations, invitations of your relatives. The spaghetti straps that give you a sense of security while using the dress will add elegance to your elegance. The A-cut pattern of the skirt is in harmony with the plain and plump appearance of the fabric, while the slightly puffy appearance emphasizes a much more noble appearance. It looks very stylish.You can complete your evening dress with half-gathered knobs that will not cover your back decollete, and it will be in your hands to highlight the plainness and elegance of the evening dress with the jewelry accessories you choose.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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The Avrıl evening dress model, which is worked as a cross-breasted body, has different color alternatives, as well as a deep back decollete designed with a rope strap. Besides elegance, it adds a sporty atmosphere to the evening dress. Back décolleté is emphasized thanks to the bow that moves the skirt.

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