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A-Line Wedding Gown With High Neck

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Sleeveless Wedding Gown with Corset Bodice and Intense Laces



    It is among the first choice of those who do not like decollete with its high chest detail. This A-line
    wedding gown with an illusion collar and lace bodice is a model that we recommend to assertive
    brides because of its romantic and eye-catching design. You can wear thick-heeled platform bridal
    shoes to walk comfortably with this wedding gown. You can look more elegant with a tiny crystal
    crown and a long veil with light lace detail. Since the collar detail is high, you can complement your
    hair with a bun in order not to cover the collar.


    For more information please contact us.


    For more information please contact us.

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This A-line wedding gown is fitted with a skirt hem with thick and long laces, a bodice with laces
extending downward, and sparkling laces with cut bead embroideries. The bodice and underskirt are
embellished with sequins and given more sparkle with cut beads on sequins. The back and collar are
made of shadow tulle and are embroidered with branchy lace motifs. The hem is surrounded by thick
waterway laces. Laces are densely used between the skirt layers. It has a slightly oval tail.

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