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Bubble Prıncess Brıdal Wıth Asymmetrıc Cut, Straple Neck, Wıth Mınıc Sıde Sleeve, Lace

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Princess wedding dress model with lace, strapless neck, asymmetric cut, tiny side sleeves, puffy and layered skirt.



    Our COCO model, designed for large halls and hotel weddings, will pick the right choice for you, our brides-to-be, who say I want a bride to be a bride like a princess since childhood. Especially, the ruffled lace skirts prepared in different sizes and shapes have a magnificent appearance. The strapless collar upper body is covered with lace, and the tiny lace sleeves add a romantic atmosphere to the wedding dress. If desired, rope or lace hangers can be added. The back of the wedding dress is designed as rope tying. The rear skirts are arranged in a symmetrical structure. The low waist is a detail that will show you a slim waist. You should prefer a flat outlet veil as a duavk. Having a big bunch of your hand bouquet will have a great effect with this model.


    Please get information from the contact section.


    Please get information from the contact section.

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A full princess wedding dress model with a strapless neckline, tiny side sleeves, lace details and side lace, prepared in princess style, tied back, asymmetrical layered skirts, and a fluffy skirt.

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